My Approach

One-to-one consultations will involve an initial conversation where I will spend time understanding more about the client, establish how I may be able to help and start to develop a trusting connection. This will then be followed by a series of sessions (typically a minimum of 6) where I will explore the clients situation in more detail, help them to understand themselves better and learn how to relate to their own mind and thinking patterns in a more helpful way.

Overall, my focus is on supporting clients to be aware of their thoughts and emotions, accept these internal experiences and make behavioural choices in line with their personal values that help them to reach their goals.

Group workshops will also involve an initial consultation where I will explore the client needs, after which I will put together a bespoke programme to help address the specific challenges faced by the group. Workshops are always interactive and engaging, focused on real challenges that are addressed in a practical way and provide clients with tools and tips to apply directly into their lives.